11 December 2014

love, part 480

as we treaded along in the december sun
hands cool, feet warm in soaked shoes
our conversation flickering in the breeze

i seemed to glimpse into what was
which you hastily caught in your eye
and presented to me with pride or relief

you seemed to glow in the cold light
your hair speckling grey into your eyes
speaking to me in tenderness or weariness

we trudged toward the beginning of the end
hands heavy, feet light as the leaves beneath them
our hearts flickering in the beating current of time.

12 July 2014

love, part 78

oh, the beauty in what never happened
and the misery of what does.

17 November 2011

love, part 9202

we maybe stopped a hundred times before
looking in the shaded sky the sinking moon
smelling in the air a brew of dirt and dew
listening in puddles the patter of a dying drizzle

we maybe got to the hundred and first
feeling in the breeze dust on our faces
when i thought it made sense to trade
my withered band of grass with one of some ore.

21 September 2011

it could have been- any

it could have been- any
one, three, boy or many
but your eyes in the gloom
of the half-lit room
they softly said to me

that it with the blonded crown
hiding under a tainted gown
a bump, a sore, a painted hip
hissing love through a swollen lip
was the else that was me previously

in some kind of tragic
i thought was masochistic
to appreciate the poetry
that i had much rather be
the one, the three, the boy or the many.

15 September 2011

love, part 667

it's a certain smell
that makes me think of you
it's a mixture of shampoo
and air freshener
of rain before dawn
and cigarettes in water
of freshly dried clothes
and damp earth
of rusting metal
and overheated computer parts
i wouldnt call it pleasant or nasty
be it the smell or the memory
i do not remember what i was
when i knew somebody like you.

10 January 2011

love, part 3

think the broken dryer did it
was it the dreaded whir that couldnt get it started
was it because nothing seemed to work that day
our laughter filled the cold air
the others must have heard
you'd get stuff like that you said
i shrugged, held your hand quiet
we havent always been like that
you pulled me down the steps
skipped past the band to the bench
smiling silly to yourself
was it the night that was only beginning
was it my hand in yours
i thought i'd kill to keep you safe
i thought, we havent always been like that.

19 November 2010

love, part 28

the night was a dull red
yellowed leaves were falling down
the orange street light and
on the road like fireflies i said
like souls into a fiery pit you said
i couldnt think of anything
but how the lights made paths in the cool air
and how they looked like fur balls when i squinted my eyes
how much oranger they were compared to halogen bulbs
how they lit up the side of your face i couldnt see
how i wouldnt mind living in the shadows
if i had you to tell me what the light was like.